5 MARINOPOYLOS is the brandname of Carrefour-Marinopoulos Group; main characteristic of 5 MARINOPOYLOS stores is that the surface of the stores is less than 900 sqm. and that they dispose a selection of fresh products (fruits, vegetables and diaries), food, drinks and personal care items.

Their main feature is the quick and facile service as well as that the stores are located in the districts of the city, making every day and repeated shopping feasible.

5 MARINOPOYLOS have developed a unique philosophy, based on the following 5 points:

Modern and operational sale point
Quick Service
Emphaiss on Fresh Food
Good prices
Mutual, every day relationship with the Customers

5 MARINOPOYLOS is the outcome of the merger of Carrefour Group and MARINOPOYLOS Company, in 1999. Today, 86 stores operate in Greece, under the brandname 5 MARINOPOYLOS

Companys objective is to develop 5 MARINOPOYLOS stores network, via careful selction of franchisees. Today, 153 franchised stores operate in Greece, of which 90 SMILE MARKET in Thessaloniki and the district, as well as in Chalkidiki, Imathia, Pella and Pieria and 63 5 MARINOPOYLOS stores in Greece.